Foreign patients sheet

Organisation of care

Cannes Hospital offers foreign patients the same reception and care conditions as those offered to people with French social insurance.

Before the hospital stayDuring the stayAfter the stay

Preparation for foreign patients’ admission to the hospital is made in advance by the establishment’s medical team tasked with caring for the individual. The team is provided with all necessary information by the patient. After the file has been reviewed, the medical team will suggest treatment options and hospitalisation where necessary.

Healthcare programming shall take place within a reasonable timeframe, in view of the complexity of care.

The medical team shall inform the patient of any special precautions to be taken after the hospitalisation (no flying after an operation, minimum re-education requirements, outpatient treatment, etc.).

The hospital will supply the patient with a cost estimation within five working days. This quotation is drawn up based on information provided by the patient and may increase depending on the person’s continued care. The estimate sets out in detail the medical procedures and is accompanied by potential options provided by the establishment.

The hospital ensures the security of information exchange, as well as data privacy.

Upon the patient’s arrival, the administrative formalities associated with their care will be done by admission office staff and prepayment will be requested from the patient based on the estimate provided. The patient will then be directed to the specific care department.

The medical team undertakes to offer the patient clear and comprehensible information regarding his or her hospitalisation throughout the stay. The team shall ensure that the patient provides informed consent for treatment, with support, where required, from an interpreter.

The patient’s discharge will be organised in a coordinated manner between the medical team for post-stay follow-up and the admissions office, for administrative dealings (invoices, insurance certificate, etc.).

The medical team undertakes to provide the patient with a medical report regarding his or her hospital stay within eight days; and in English if necessary.

Coverage of consultation or hospitalisation fees

Whether you are coming for a consultation, outpatient treatment, or being admitted to hospital:

You are a citizen of a European Union member state or of a country which has joined the European Health Insurance Card system (EHIC)

(Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) or Switzerland

You possess a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC):

Healthcare concerned

Thanks to your European Health Insurance Card, you are covered by health insurance for unplanned or emergency treatment deemed “medically necessary during a temporary stay”.

Regarding so-called “planned” treatment, this requires prior authorisation for assumption of costs from the patient’s health insurance provider. In such cases, only the following will be covered: hospitalisations and treatments requiring the use of heavy medical equipment (in particular scanner and MRI).


You must have your card when carrying out administrative formalities and your medical fees will be covered according to the legislation in force in France. You will not be required to advance the money for medical costs.

You must have applied for your EHIC from the health insurance provider in your home country before coming to France.

The card is valid for one year. It is individual and made out in the name of the card holder. Each member of your family must have their own card, including children under 16.

You do not have a European Health Insurance Card:

You will be required to pay the full cost if you do not produce proof of cover by a private insurer.

You are not a national of a European Union member country

You will be required to pay the full cost if you do not produce proof of cover by a private insurer.


Patients with no social protection

In the absence of social cover (social security, social assistance such as State Medical Assistance (AME)), you must pay the full cost yourself: the full cost of treatment (hospitalisation or consultation fees and outpatient care), the daily rate including the day of discharge if you are returning home, and any other fees, (private room, etc.)

If you require treatment and you do not have any health insurance or if you have financial problems, a Health Service Access Point (PASS) is available at Cannes hospital

Calling on an interpreter

At Cannes hospital, we attach a great deal of importance to your comfort and to your understanding of the treatment and care given to you during your stay or consultation.
Some members of our staff speak foreign languages, apart from English, and are willing to guide you through the process and help you understand your treatment fully.

Reach out to a staff member who will contact an interpreter able to assist you or to help one of your loved ones.